Saturday, March 22, 2014

NEW! Handmade Gift : Wall Decor by TalkingCard

It's March 22'2014, Indonesia...

And i still with our new project for +Talking Card, it's about home decor. Yey, finally we can get this project to make not only making a card but making home decor especially in wall decor. Yeah, everything about paper art, i love it :)

And i want to share with you our new project, cute wall decor. And here's the result :

Purple Home Decor 3D Frame "Do With Love"

The inspiration of this purple frame is a window cafe. It will remind people that everyday will be a great day if we do everything with love. I changed street lamp with a heart metal with a sentence "handmade with love" and the rabbit will remind you that you enter Spring time. Ups, i made something special for the rabbit, it's a blue dress :D For finishing, i have changed flowers with a cotton heart. I used recycled things from my last bracelet, the black circle around the pink heart. Yes, it's recycled things :) Hope you can enjoy this wall decor :)

Orange Wooden Home Decor 3D Frame "LIFE"

Not only purple, but i tried to make your room fresh with orange wooden frame. Well, you can check this out :

The story behind this frame : 

i got an inspiration from Spring Time. I tried to draw in magic paper (i called it magic paper coz from black paper, we can draw on it and it will change its color). I tried to draw a life tree.So colorful and wonderful. Very difficult in cutting proccess coz i'm newbie in paper cutting. Need more training. Then i got very powerful quote "Choose you friends with caution, Plan your Future with Purpose and Frame you life with FAITH" It's WOW! Then i added cotton butterfly, 2 cute people from clay, an animal sticker and yeah blue circle foam. And for the tree, i added flowers from clay and blue clovers.

This frame will remind people about Life. How we can enjoy our life when we can choose our right friends, plan our future and of course when we have Faith in this life.

Hope you can enjoy our new product in home decor and contact us if you need home decor for your life.

Happy crafting.

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